2016 HUD Grant Award to Oahu's Continuum of Care

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recently, HUD announced $1.95 billion to more than 7,600 local homeless housing and service programs across the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. These Continuum of Care (CoC) grants will help end homelessness and provide critically needed support to local programs on the front lines of serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  Partners in Care, Oahu's Continuum of Care, was awarded over $9.3 million!  View a complete list of all the state and local homeless projects awarded funding.

This year, HUD continued to challenge CoCs to support local programs that prioritize permanent housing for the chronically homeless. Partners in Care stepped up to meet this challenge by reallocating $1,074,187 to create new projects in our community focused on permanent housing for chronically homeless adults with mental illness, families and youth.  

IHS Youth Rapid Re-Housing Program

The program will provide targeted outreach, sponsor-based rental assistance through a rapid re-housing model, and supportive services to 18 single, unaccompanied gang involved, unsheltered and sheltered homeless males and females on Oahu. Average forecasted rental assistance length is 18 months. Supportive services will begin with strengths and needs assessments, and case management will prepare youth for transition to longer term housing through planning, skill building, and connection with resources and services to do so effectively. 

Steadfast Housing Ekolu Group Homes

Ekolu Group Homes Permanent Supportive Housing project will serve 12 clients in 3 scattered site group homes located in three sites on Oahu. 100% of individuals will meet HUD's definition for chronic homelessness and have a severe persistent mental illness with or without a co-occurring substance abuse disorder. 

US VETS Leeward Permanent Supportive Program

The program will house Chronically Homeless veteran and non-veteran individuals and families who reside on the Leeward side of Oahu. The project will serve a total of 15 households (30 total individuals) when at 100% capacity. The awarded funds will go towards outreach, engagement, and assessment of chronically homeless households; long-term housing subsidies and on-going case management supportive services; delivery of housing specialist services to identify and facilitate signing of a lease by household that meets desired housing type and location. 

Alternative Structures International (ASI) Permanent Supportive Housing for Families

The program will provide housing placement, rental assistance and support services for 15 chronically homeless families in Leeward Oahu. The goal is to assist chronically homeless families who are unsheltered or in emergency shelters to get into permanent housing as quickly as possible and maintain housing stability. The awarded grant funds will go towards rental assistance and time-limited supportive services covering crisis intervention, tenant education, employment support, and linkage to community based services such as health care, mental health, and substance abuse treatment among others. All services will be client-directed and voluntary, recognizing the uniqueness of each family.

Four projects were not renewed for funding in the 2016 competition that did not prioritize permanent housing with at least 85% of the beds serving chronically homeless individuals and families. These included two transitional housing programs, a supportive services only project and a permanent housing program serving persons with HIV/AIDs. Partners in Care will work with all partners and the community to make sure no individuals or families are displaced by the funding reallocation and the CoC's shift in funding priorities.

For more information, please contact Jen Stasch, Director of Partners in Care.